The myriad of benefits humanity will reap from Oceanus’ plan to clean our ocean:


The Benefits…

   More than hope: Oceanus provides a platform for which opportunity is limitless and possibilities abound. While oceanic ​cleanup is, and always will be, the core of what we stand for, the amount of plastic polluting our oceans is staggering. In fact, that overwhelming mass of plastic is an immeasurable source of raw material. As addressed in other areas on our website, Oceanus will use this material to construct an entirely new and revolutionary infrastructure on which to foster life, the benefits of which are myriad and diverse. From environmental rehabilitation to ​​scientific research, on this page, we examine in detail the various  expected perks that will arise as byproducts by virtue of Oceanus pursuing its primary objective.

   To read more about the problem at hand, please, click here:                                                                                                                                        To read more about Oceanus’ plan of action, please, click here: 

Oceanus will:

  • Stem the release of toxins into our global habitat:

​            Plastic is essentially an everlasting floating sponge, soaking up most of the toxins it                comes into contact with as it drifts along the currents of our oceans. When it is                        consumed by marine creatures, these contaminants enter their systems as well. By                encapsulating this toxic waste in concrete, Oceanus neatly removes this                                   threat—trapping those dangerous toxins, and preventing them from further                            poisoning our global ecosystem. 

  • Foster an environment in which scientific research may be conducted unimpeded:

​            Bureaucratic red tape from local governments inhibit shocking amounts of                               developments from being made in the realms of scientific research. Invaluable                       progress is stymied by restrictions placed upon researchers, and their facilities, by                  the countries in which they reside. Outside of any country’s territorial waters, and                    therefore at complete liberty to govern itself, Oceanus is singularly located as to                      allow researchers utter freedom to conduct their work, sans                                                        bureaucratic nonsense. Previously stifled exploration in the fields of stem                                cell research, gene therapy, neuroprosthetics, gerontology, bionics, pharmaceuticals,              biochemistry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, neuroscience, and more can thrive                    on Oceanus, without worry of heavy handed government regulation halting                              progressionthe results of which will further the good of humanity at large.

            Because Oceanus is, in essence, sovereign, we will have the ability to forbid                              any and all activity which would be detrimental to marine wildlife within a 200                        mile radius. This area will be devoted to the rehabilitation of the local                                        ecosystem, free of the devastation caused by trawling, fishing, and the passage of                    polluting ships. This sizable aquatic reserve will also be a boon to marine                                  biologists, who will have the rare opportunity to observe the effects of a fragile and                fading ecosystem being restored from the base up.

oceanus,great pacific garbage patch, cleanup, map

  • Encourage the restoration of marine wildlife:

​            With 700 million tons of plastic debris occupying inestimable miles of oceanic                          habitat, native creatures are choked out of the ecosystem. Phytoplankton can                            not subsist on the little sunlight which filters through this nebulous, viscous muck,                 kicking off a starvation snowball effect which echoes all the way up to the top of the                food chain. Clearing away this noxious inorganic cloud of microplastic will enable                    the phytokplankton to return, breathing life back into a gasping ecosystem.

            70% of all the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from aquatic pelagic plant life                         (the rainforests only produce 28%, with the remaining 2% coming from other land-                  based sources). Phytoplankton alone is responsible for 50% of this vital life-giving                    element. Currently, an area of ocean around the size of the United States                                  is being deprived of its ability to support phytoplankton. By allowing it to thrive once              again, oxygen levels will begin to climb, fostering a healthier environment world-                      wide.

marine,food chain, oceanus

  • Further the conceptualization and implementation of green living:

​​            The idea of green living is not new to humanity, and self-sustainability is a                                lifestyle many have found attractive throughout the ages. A project of this scope,                      however, which is not only self-sufficient, but has immense beneficial consequences              for our world as a whole, has never before been attempted. Oceanus will become                    a model for future green communities, sustained wholly by environmentally                            friendly methods.    

         –  A large part of creating this model is Oceanus’ use of  alternative energy                                   sources.Chief among these are solar and wind energy; we will also be among the first             to harness the unlimited power of wave energy, and to produce biodiesel fuel from                 algae. By exercising these methods to their fullest, both time-tested and                                   emerging technologies, Oceanus will be the first project of its kind powered entirely               by green energy. 

            In addition to providing an environmentally proactive platform capable                                    of supporting a populous where none existed before before, a bed of fertile soil will                be laid atop the buoyant modular blocks which form Oceanus’ foundation. In this                    soil, we will plant  grass, trees, and crops (in an area where no soil dependent plants              could thrive before), which will not only help to feed the population of Oceanus,                      but will also increase oxygen production in the area surrounding our facility. This                    will veritably boost overall planetary oxygen levels, which will help replenish ozone in              our atmosphere, and in turn, by the same token, help to stem global warming.   

oceanus, green living, sustainability, great,pacific,garbage,patch,cleanup

   While Oceanus is still in its research and development stage, we are actively seeking forward-thinking individuals to help both spread awareness of the problem at hand, and of Oceanus’ innovative solution. We are also currently taking applications for positions within the project itself. Some current fields of interest being: structural engineering, marine biology, chemistry, ecology, plastic recycling, polymer engineering, alternative energy, industrial mechanics, marine navigation, biochemistry, as well as any other pertinent field of expertise. Regardless of expertise, Oceanus welcomes all progressive, forward-thinking, consultants willing to lend vision to our project. If interested in becoming involved in any way, shape, or form; or, if you have any further questions or inquiries, drop us a line:                                

   Prefer to email us directly? Please do, at:   We, of course, always look forward to hearing from those interested in our project.

Please visit our site at:                                                                             Like us on Facebook:




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