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Oceanus Presents: Newtopia—Ephemerisle’s First Ever Eco-Island of Change!

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Oceanus’ Ephemerisle RSVP Application: Newtopia: Eco-Island of Change

Welcome to our land of the extraordinary—a place where architecting better models of existence is our prime directive, where environmental sustainability is our passion, and where positive transformation is mandatory. In this realm of unbridled dreams and endless opportunity, strong and ever-lasting connections are forged and anything is possible.

Join us, July 11-17, in co-creating this floating eco-utopia where United Nations ambassadors exchange titillating ideas on floating tea lounges with Architects of Awe from events like Burning Man; where revolutionaries dance under the moonlight with community organizers to the electric vibrations of a more promising tomorrow; where innovators of bleeding edge technologies collaborate with Silicon Valley impact investors over margaritas made by mind controlled blenders; where exemplary musicians coordinate their rhythms with breathtaking visual projections mapped by brilliant artists for all to enjoy.

Immersed in this exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experienceyou will be transformed.

Through mist and vibrant turquoise waters, a vision appears:

What is Oceanus?
OCEANUS IS: a collaborative community of Doers, Thinkers, Dreamers, Disruptors, and Visionaries joining forces to enact positive change for the betterment of planetary existence.
OCEANUS IS: a new and innovative approach to seasteading and environmental stewardship–an economical and technically viable venture for transforming plastic debris into non-toxic, habitable environments in international waters.
OCEANUS IS: the meta–a network of networks, a community for communities, we are the space in between points, the connectors, the intangibles.
OCEANUS IS: a platform–of perpetual possibility, a mechanism for countless previously unimagined visions to sprout from, manifesting solutions to the most critical challenges of our time. 

We are the movers and the shakers of the world, moving across the waters and shaking archaic systems to the ground. Join us, let’s move and shake together, for united, our brothers and sisters, we are unstoppable.

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What is Ephemerisle?
EPHEMERISLE IS: an annual week-long gathering (July 11-17) on the Sacramento River Delta in sunny California, brimming with creators, innovators, and change makers there to indulge in their water-based joys in an ecstatic celebration of life–all while collaborating, ideating, and architecting better models for the future!
EPHEMERISLE IS: Burning Man meeting Life Aquatic in a completely free, decentralized, and deregulated zone, where ephemeral islands are constructed and enjoyed for the duration of this one of a kind event!
EPHEMERISLE IS: an experimental floating celebration of community, learning, art, seasteading, and differing forms of governance.

Be an architect of a more excellent tomorrow–join us in the creation of this better model.
Oceanus Ephemerisle Facebook group:
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Warm waters and beautiful energies–your tribe awaits you.

What to expect:
The 2016 AQUA Conference!
Idea sex!
A mobile floating tea sanctuary!
The forging of mighty connections!
A highly curated festival experience!
Amphibious dance floors!
Art exhibitions!
Floating hot tubs!
“Dolphin Tank,” the social entrepreneurship pitch competition!
Super awesome art boats!
A truly meaningful aquatic adventure of a lifetime!
and so much MORE!

What NOT to expect:
Drunken buffoons.
Uninspired moments.

Important Process for Attendance!
Super excited? Can’t wait to be a part of co-creating this amazing experience? Ready to jump in and swim?

*OCEANUS’ 2016 EPHEMERISLE RSVP APPLICATION: Newtopia: Eco-Island of Change (limited space available)*

As with all of our events, there is no monetary barrier to entry, but there is an application process. We are more interested in who you are and what you can contribute, to both the co-creation of this experience and the continued development of our projects and initiatives (whether that be monetary contribution, physical build efforts, creative expression, music, project management, technology, brain power, etc.). This is not a spectators environment. Participate, for that’s what the future we bring is all about. 

(more details below!)

Party with a purpose:

For more detailed information regarding a slew of things, follow the clicky links (which will be constantly updated as the event approaches)!
-The 5.5 acre island NE of San Francisco we are developing into an eco-retreat/collaborative community space (our hub for orchestrating and building this event)- Island of Change
-Newtopia event itinerary- Event Itinerary
AQUA Conference speaker list and signup process- 2016 AQUA Conference
-Music/Performance/Artist lineup- Newtopia–Music/Performance/Artist Lineup
-Vessel information (lineup, sleeping spaces available, etc.)- Vessel Lineup
-Super cool and awesome projects (including idea submission)- SUPER COOL AWESOME PROJECTS!
-“Dolphin Tank,” social entrepreneur pitch competition (lineup+submissions)- Dolphin Tank
-Collaborative Partners- Partners
-Price breakdown- Price Breakdown

Just as it takes the efforts of an entire community to come together to throw the most amazing experience the water has ever seen, so too does architecting new models of a better and brighter tomorrow. Let this be the first of many steps in that direction of the future for us all.


PS: We have mermaids!

See you on the waves and in the future, beautiful people–Newtopia awaits.

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Visit us on Facebook: HERE!

Oceanus’ 2016 Ephemerisle RSVP Application: Newtopia: Eco-Island of Change

Is your contribution to the co-creation of this future a monetary based contribution?

Come–be amazing with us! 🙂 

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