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Help Create an Ocean of Hope

President Obama is deciding in days whether to create the world’s largest marine protected area. But a powerful fishing lobby is trying to sink the plan. Click to join the urgent call to save this Ocean of Hope. Petition can be found with more info here: avaaz.org/en/ocean_of_hope_usasam/?bwPiXdb&v=24636

Attention engineers!

Oceanus is currently looking for marine and/or structural engineers interested in becoming part of our team.

If interested, or if you know someone who may be interested, please email (or have them email) Sean at ironstag@titan-oceanus.com

Our full website can be found here: www.titan-oceanus.com

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Thousands of Lives Coming to a Premature End

The last moments of thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico. They are dying from asphyxiation, due to the depletion of oxygen in the water from the annihilation of phytoplankton from ocean pollution.

This isn’t a singular occurrence, this is happening all over the world! See: https://projectoceanus.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/mass-fish-deaths-millions-have-been-found-dead-all-over-the-world-in-the-past-month/

If our oceans go, we go! Stop polluting our waters!

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(video compliments of GuppyStorm photography)



oxygen depletion galvestonPhoto by: GuppyStorm Photography

Link to video: http://abc13.com/news/thousands-of-dead-fish-wash-ashore-near-kemah/77770/

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says the dead fish began showing up last weekend. Now, the fish litter the shoreline, and the stench fills the air.

“It just stinks really bad,” said Yesenia Compean. “You had to cover your nose when you walk by there.”

Edward Hinojosa and his family spend almost every other weekend in the Kemah area.

“Never seen nothing like that in my life,” said Hinojosa.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says the shad or bait fish are likely showing up dead because of oxygen depletion.

At this time, there are no plans to investigate the fish kill any further. There’s also no word on any plans to clean the fish off the shoreline.

-ABC news

Why States Are Worried About Your Face Wash!


Your face wash may be bad for the environment, and several states are trying to do something about it. The problem is “microbeads,” minuscule pieces of plastic about the size of Abe Lincoln’s eye on a penny, Time reports. They’re found in all kinds of products from the likes of Clean & Clear and Olay, and after traveling down the drain, they land in lakes and oceans. There, experts say, they may collect toxins before they’re eaten by fish—and end up in the food chain. “Big fish eat little fish; eventually the fish is on your dinner plate,” a scientist tells CBS News.”

Researchers haven’t yet determined for sure whether microbeads cause environmental harm. Still, New York, Illinois, California, Ohio, and Minnesota are debating bills to ban the beads. “The fundamental question is going to be: Do we wait to take this material out until we prove that this microbead causes harm?” asks a marine ecologist. If laws are passed against the beads—the New York State Assembly this week voted 108-0 to ban them, Plastics News reports—companies may not put up much of a fight. Johnson & Johnson already plans to get rid of microbeads by 2017, and Procter & Gamble is also moving against the beads.

Source- Newser

Sign this petition to encourage the UN to step forward and support cleanup projects, before it’s too late.

plastic, pollution, great pacific garbage patch


Click on the link above to sign the petition!

Plastic ocean pollution is a serious problem. Small plastics are dangerous to all living creatures on this planet, and of course they are also dangerous to humans.
Waste accumulates in the place where they meet the sea currents curving under the influence of Earth’s rotation, creating a huge vortex. Is not it beautiful sea, but a thick soup full of waste. It is a global problem and must also be tackled globally through the UN.