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OCEANUS: Project Delta


robert gray ephemerisle

Welcome home–you have found your tribe.

oceanus project delta

The Ephemerisle Experience

In late July of this year, history was made as Oceanus embarked on an epic voyage to Ephemerisle on the 1936 research vessel Robert Gray. Ephemerisle is an annual week-long gathering on the Sacramento River Delta, brimming with highly creative, intelligent, and successful people there to showcase, and indulge in, their water-based joys. In the weeks preceding the event, dozens of crew members lived and worked aboard the Gray and its 170ft counterpart, the Fir, putting incredible amounts of heart and soul into preparing the vessels for this monumental event… and it showed!

The Oceanus Experience at Ephemerisle:

By the end of the week, we had hosted over five hundred guests for our first ever Oceanus Aqua-conference, with glowing reviews and highly useful lessons to take away. Among the offerings provided was “Dolphin Tank”, a social entrepreneurship pitch competition, panel discussions, keynote speakers, art exhibitions, cook-offs, amazing musical artistry, and passionate conversations and ideation in our very own helipad hot tub!

Robert Gray Ephemerisle

Drone footage of the Oceanus experience at Ephemerisle.

The Gray also provided a valuable resource for testing sustainable living practices, as well as educating our guests on the principles of environmental stewardship and social innovation. And, as our primary vessel filled to capacity, with hammocks swinging from the rafters and soft conversation accompanying the ship’s rocking, we had an opportunity to ferry our guests to the newest addition to our fleet, the 300ft cruise ship, Aurora.

Floating Social innovation Hub 

robert gray aurora cruise ship

2010: Like siblings, the majestic Aurora and her tender, the Robert Gray, make their way together from the Port of       San Francisco to Stockton.

She was the jewel of Germany, heralding an age of pride and presence for a country still striving to mend its international image from the devastation of World War II. The first diesel-electric, Maybach-engined vessel Germany built after the conflict, the Wappen von Hamburg had all the latest in technology and style, launching in 1955 as the most technologically advanced and luxurious cruise ship to exist at the time. Since then, she’s changed hands and names over half a dozen times, traveling the world as the Polar Star, Xanadu, and more, to finally arrive as the Aurora off the coast of California… and right into Oceanus’ open arms.

At this moment, Aurora sits expectantly in Stockton, ready to be used as a conference center, private retreat, and social innovation hub on the Sacramento Delta before her historic re-entry to the Bay. With a 1,600 passenger capacity with sleeping spaces for over two hundred people, conference rooms and office areas, workshops/makerspaces, incubator space, a large pool, a grand ballroom, and much more–the Aurora is our baysteading dream come to reality.

Where do you dock a majestic ship like this though, you ask? She docks at home, of course!

Our Island of Change

Oceanus’ most recent collaboration to date is with Stone Cove Youth Camp, on architecting the future of Stone Cove Island in Suisun Bay (about 30 minutes northeast of Oakland), a five-and-a-half acre base, replete with an entire fleet of boats all its (and now our) own. Riverboats, houseboats, sailboats… all that’s missing is a cruise ship. With ownership extending fifty feet into the water surrounding the island, our concern of where to dock the Aurora, while undergoing our restoration and retrofitting process, is no longer a problem (with the end game of having her docked at the Port of San Francisco, of course).

stone cove island

Stone Cove Island

Stone Cove will serve as our launching point, eventually housing the equipment used to build and assemble our HexaPod prototypes (our unique hexagonal modular floating platforms created from recycled ocean plastic), as well as functioning as an easily accessible base for research and development on all things related to the Oceanus dream of clean oceans, total sustainability, and vibrant community.

Our vision is to be home to a broad spectrum of human beings (and close affiliates). To entice, we plan to offer co-working and co-living spaces, makerspaces for techies and machinists, places to encourage art, creativity, play and growth, and areas to promote humanitarian, environmental, social, and political enhancement. And the over-arching theme? Sustainable, intellectual, and joyful environments, from bottom to top. And from there, we can prototype our 3D printing systems to recycle devastating ocean plastic into enlightened floating communities!

Empowerment and inclusiveness are at the heart of our principles, and in that spirit, we at Oceanus are putting a call out to you: Thinkers, Dreamers, Doers, Creators, and Visionaries of the world. Take part in our Aurora: Design the Dream challenge! What would YOU like to see promoted aboard our collective vessel? Share your vision with us, and join us for our  next Aqua-conference on October 24th aboard the Aurora. This event will feature phenomenal minds promoting their dreams, and lead into the pre-Halloween event of the year, all hosted on-site in the Aurora’s glorious ballroom. Submit entries to designthedream@oceanus.blue in the form of documents, videos, audio recording, or whatever captures the spirit of your proposal in its fullest extent!

Some key design topics:

  • Clean Energy
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Waste Recycling
  • Technology Manufacturing
  • Creative Production
  • Bay Area Remediation
  • Community Governance
  • Maritime Navigation
  • Restoration and Maintenance
  • Innovative Events
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Culture Creation
  • Inducements of Awe

Thinkers, Dreamers, Doers, and Visionaries of the world: the platform for you to shine, and shine together, is here–in an unparalleled and awesome environment of heightened consciousness cultivated to inspire awe and aid in your creative constructs; Oceanus has arrived.

See you on the waves and in the future. Your tribe welcomes you home. Come and be amazing with us.

Aquaprenuership Arrives in the San Francisco Bay!

Get ready, everyone–OCEANUS is launching it’s pilot Aquaprenuership program!

Queen of the Fleet, the Fir, and her tender, the Robert Gray (both historic research vessels) are coming to the San Francisco Bay on Monday, June 22nd, 2015, where they will serve in a neoteric capacity as collaborative solution centers, social innovation hubs, oceanic research vessels (focused largely on environmental remediation), and so much more. Abundant with co-working spaces, maker labs, and social salons designed by some of the most creative minds in the bay area, these historic landmark vessels present the perfect opportunity to manifest our collective vision of a sustainable existence.

fir, oceanus, baystead, san francisco

The Majestic Mother Fir

As the Fir is a national historic landmark vessel, it’s only right that we delve into that history a bit. She is the last lighthouse tender created for the now defunct United States Lighthouse Service. Less than a year after her launch in 1939, she was commissioned for the US Coast Guard and sent to the west coast for the majority of her service. The next half a century saw the Fir busy with her duties, which focused primarily on keeping the tens of thousands of navigational aids off the coast in working order. In addition to this, the Fir has saved lives and salvaged the wrecks of other vessels, helicopters, and even an airplane. Only a year before her decommissioning, the Fir extinguished a rapidly burning boat and saved the life of it’s trapped captain.

Robert Gray, Oceanus, Baystead, San Francisco

The Robert Gray

The Robert Gray, was fabricated in 1936 by the United States Corps of Engineers to serve as a research and surveying vessel on the open seas. Did we mention there’s a helipad (because there is)?

Both the Fir and the Robert Gray are perfect for conducting environmental research and development. Massive, at 174’ and 120’ respectively, there is more than enough space to provide for a novel, rich ecosystem. Imagine skipping your morning commute in favor of a stroll to the galley, where innovators break bread and share visions. Afterwards, you might head to work, which, on these vessels, is anywhere you feel inspired. With all that space, your options are broad, and all of them include waterfront property and conscientiously curated neighbors. It’s the ideal habitat for an incubator of ideas, technology, and culture–a dedicated, 24/7, nurturing space to harness collective vision and collaborative process.

At this moment, we are looking for a few things before these research vessels open up to the community here in the bay. We are now focused on berthing the vessels; we have several promising options available, but as always, welcome any input, suggestions, or contacts that any of you may have. We aim to work with top educational, humanitarian, and environmental organizations and thus will be able to be a steward to the bay and her communities. We have amalgamated forces with DRÆM VENTURES, BHuman Social Innovation Center, and other NGO’s, as well as local governments to curate this new research undertaking. This is no small feat but OCEANUS is of the opinion that if you’re not doing something big, you’re doing it wrong.

Our efforts here at OCEANUS have always been collaborative in both form and function. We believe strongly that a united and diverse population produces the best results, and that means drawing from a wide range of talents and backgrounds. It is of the highest importance that the barriers to participation in Oceanus be minimal, and we encourage you to test them. Are you interested in building a positive, dynamic environment with others like you? Perfect, let us know! Efforts, ideas, community support–all things we need from you amazing people here in the bay area, and even moreso, all who believe in the entirety of our initiative across the world.

Applications for both general occupancy will be opening next week; we are currently accepting applications for crew, though. Hit us up at contact@oceanus.blue for inquiries, interests, or just to say hello! This is your chance to shape the foundation of a better and brighter future with us; your vision, your style, your touch molding the bricks of this future and the currents of its culture.

We are incredibly proud and excited to be embarking on this venture. The Fir and Robert Gray are themselves special vessels, steeped proudly in a tradition of service and pluck; the community nurtured on them will be just as distinguished.

Keep an eye out for more baysteading news from us in the near future: berth location, occupant application opportunities, and more are on the way!

The waves of change have arrived. http://www.oceanus.blue

At Novus: Aligning Enterprise with Intent


San Francisco is a special place. The city has a healthy share of thinkers and futurists,  visionaries and entrepreneurs, whose numbers are bolstered by the proximity of Silicon Valley. It’s a vibrant place, brought alive by the creativity of the people moving throughout it. It’s easy to see, why San Francisco was the natural choice for the inaugural Novus Conference.

Themed “Reimagine the American Dream,” Novus drew a crowd of pioneers to The Battery for a day of talks and personal connections. A diverse range of speakers addressed attendees in The Parlor and Musto Bar, ensuring that no matter the individual’s personal interest, there was something to inspire and awe. Oceanus’ own Ari Eisenstat served as a Novus delegate, one of an incredible team headed by Kunal Sood, whom extended an invitation to others in Oceanus’ organization. The amazing group of speakers contained entrepreneurs, activists, artists, futurists, engineers, social wizards, and those whose talents include these and more.

In the Parlor Room, against a beautiful painting by speaker Raghava KK, we heard from Tim Draper on what the future holds, Sonia Arrison and Dr. Joon Yun on life extension, Susan Alzner and Martha Adams on the empowerment of women and girls, and many more, capped off by Steve Jurvetson’s exciting anticipation of a post-scarcity world. Visitors to the Musto Bar practiced breathing with Rabia Hayek, learned about the importance of the large-scale from Ken Feldman, and ended the room’s series with a well-received fireside chat with Sean Ironstag and Ari Eisenstat discussing Oceanus and our very own dream.

With the talks still fresh on everyone’s minds, the Penthouse opened for the Awards Show. Participants were honored for their contributions to humanity; these awards made it clear once again what an incredible, beautiful group of people had been gathered there. These were people who make it their missions to enhance, prolong, better, save, and benefit the lives of others in the world around us.. For this reason, we were honored and overjoyed to interact more after the show. Invaluable connections were made, ideas shared, and dreams expanded as we realized the manifest destiny of humanity.

Novus was an important refresher in the power of innovation and collaboration. Perhaps most exciting of all, we heard about ideas and ideals which not only lay in line with Oceanus’, but expounded upon them. The Novus crowd sets the bar high, and challenges all to leap it–and that’s just what we plan to do.