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!Attention Website Designers! Oceanus is looking to upgrade our current website!

!Attention Website Designers!

oceanus, lending vision to hope

Our current website: http://www.titan-oceanus.com

Oceanus is currently looking for a talented, experienced web designer to take the reins on upgrading our website.

Our current website is an acceptable springboard: it functions well, gets the point across, is educational, minimalistic, tells a story… but it is not quite on the level it needs be for a project of this scope and magnitude.

We are looking for someone to create a top-notch site for us; A website that is leagues beyond our current site in the realms of quality, graphics, support, structure, readability, optimization, responsiveness, accessibility, usability, and professionalism.

Our Oceanus website 2.0 needs to be able to handle a large flow of traffic; have its metadata optimized; be modern, clean, crisp, streamlined, uncluttered, visually stimulating, easy to navigate, responsive to different devices, simple yet bold, and should be able to tell our story within 30 seconds of a visitor landing on our page. It needs to be crystal clear as to where users are to go to access specific information. It needs to contain the vast majority of the information on our current site, plus a good amount of other information as well (which will be added during creation), as well as able to add further information with ease (pages, blogs, videos, etc). Think of our current website beneficially amplified on all fronts. Quality is of the utmost import.

Someone with a love for the environment, and with the desire to see our project succeed, is a definite plus. Someone who is interested in joining our team, being an ongoing asset when it comes to things like search engine optimization, upkeep, updating the site, troubleshooting, and just overall being a part of making this vision become reality (someone who has a vested interest in Oceanus’ success) will take precedence in regards to applicants.

Although we have had a great many responses to this call to action already, we will continue to contact each and every person who is interested, and go over each applicant’s portfolio and areas of expertise to see exactly who will be the best fit for the position. There are great opportunities here for the right person, and we intend on finding that person. Here’s to hoping it’s you!

If interested, contact us in one of the three ways below:
Email us: contact@titan-oceanus.com
Message us directly through our website: http://www.titan-oceanus.com/contact-us.html
Message us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oceanusproject

Remember, we’re looking for the practical evolution of our old website, as designed by a dynamic and valuable member of Oceanus- someone who can step our website up to the next level and show us new ways in which to shine!